A glance at the past
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Art is what best represents the human soul, the combination of physical and digital art is its evolution.

Tabulia, your digital canvas

We are a consulting company that accompanies artists through the digital transition, making their artwork unique through the use of digital assets in the Blockchain.  Why Tabulia? Because every piece of art, in order to enter the immaterial and digital world, must be accompanied by professionals capable of making it a unique, protected, irreproducible object. A digital blank canvas to be filled in and made into immortality.

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Your Art is in the hands of art

The digital transition of artworks is a sophisticated dance step that allows art to enter the future. The artists who come to us to make this transition are already looking at new artistic challenges and we are ready to support and guide them to a safe landing in the NFT digital world.  Thanks to an international team based across Italy, Israel, Luxembourg and the UK, we place art at the heart of every project, protecting the artist through solid technical, legal, fiscal and commercial coverage.

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Legal & Fiscal

Technical Solution

With our support, NFTs will be minted using an ad-hoc smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing full control of transactions and traceability of the NFT itself.

Commercial solution

Behind every image, sound or video hides a world of complex strategies. Tabulia will make sure to guide each artist in this new venture also from a commercial point of view.

Legal & Fiscal Solution

We have identified ways to operate within the digital world that mirror the established patterns of the physical art industry, thus ensuring greater legal and fiscal protection by implementing all necessary measures to comply with existing regulations.

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The process of transition from physical to digital art represents a considerable step for an artist, which requires specific measures and key notions to be taken into serious consideration. Tabulia, through its Academy project, aims to train future digital artists to enable them to enter the modern NFT sector with all the necessary tools to keep their talent alive.


One of the biggest controversies surrounding the world of NFTs concerns the marketplaces within which digital assets are traded. The lack of clear and agreed regulations has led to a lack of security and the proliferation of fakes and plagiarism. Having learned from these dynamics, Tabulia is finalising the production of a digital asset exchange platform with a high level of security and stringent barriers to entry for both artists and potential buyers.